A vision
beyond what
is visible

Leveraging robotics and AI to design impactful solutions for the built environment.

About Lamarr.AI

Defining pathways for future cities by developing technology innovations

Lamarr.AI started its journey in 2021 with an ambition to build a suite of AI-empowered technology to serve and support the built environment.

The name was inspired to honor the great inventor and actress Hedy Lamarr and her innovation legacy and pay tribute to all inventors who didn’t gain prominence during their time, especially women.

Lamarr’s vision is to revolutionize building ownership and management by providing innovative tools that further reduces CO₂ footprint while improving building safety and reducing maintenance and ownership costs

Our latest innovations



Building Envelope Remote Sensing Drones

An MRI Scan for Building Envelopes
An Autonomous Solution for Rapid Building Envelope Diagnosis using Aerial Robotics and Cloud Computing providing a new cost-effective approach to building façade inspections and energy audits.
The Minds behind Lamarr.AI

Meet The Founders

Dr. Tarek Rakha

CEO and Co-Founder
Director, High Performance Building at Georgia Tech

Dr. Norhan Bayomi

COO and Co-Founder
Postdoc Associate at MIT

John E. Fernández

CSO and Co-Founder
Director, Environmental Solutions Initiative at MIT

Dr. Senem Velipasalar

Professor at Syracuse University


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To all innovators who didn’t gain prominence for their
inventions during their time, especially women.